Welcome to the Tasmanian Wine Show's online entry system

The annual Tasmanian Wine Show showcases Tasmanian wines and recognises and rewards the skill and dedication to quality of Tasmanian grape growers and winemakers. It provides an opportunity for wine producers to compare their wines with other Tasmanian wines. For wine merchants, wine consumers, wine writers, and the Tasmanian hospitality and tourism industries, the Show highlights the best wines that Tasmania has to offer.

The system will help you enter your wines in the correct class, and allows you to enter your wine names as they will appear in the catalogue. Payment is also online via a secure PayPal connection. You can use that connection to pay with a PayPal account, or a Visa card or a Mastercard.

Entry fees are $50, museum class $25

The show requires four bottles of each wine as exhibits for classes 1-22, and two for museum class.
The show does not issue labels.

The 2024 show has been judged, and individual results are now available. You are not logged in.

Show entries generally open at the start of November of the prior year. In October, the show will be shown as closed for entries and the site may be down intermittently for maintenance and any content is subject to change.

Dinner bookings are not available at this time

Entry Process - registered on site

  • Please contact us if you want to change the entrant for an exhibitor, or add another person authorised to enter. We will then make sure the new person has access to all exhibitor data from prior shows
  • Login - if you need to reset your password, use the forgotten password capability
  • Until you are logged in as an Entrant you will not see the Entrant Pages in the navigation menu. These pages include your wine list, the entry form, receipts and results.
  • Once you are logged in, you will see your email address in the navigation menu bar as a link. This link will get to your profile.
  • If any details have changed, modify your profile
  • If you want to enter wines that are not in the exhibitor wine list, they will need to be added to the list
  • Enter one or more of the wines from your wine list using the entry form
  • Pay to complete the entry process

Entry Process - not previously registered

  • For new exhibitors, register as an Entrant and then login
  • If the exhibitor is already in the system and you wish to enter for that exhibitor , please contact us before registering
  • Set up your profile - once you are logged in, you will see your email address in the menu bar as a link. This link will get to your profile with contact and exhibitor details
  • Set up exhibitor wine list - once you are linked to an exhibitor, the menu bar will also show Entrant Pages. At this stage, it will only include a link to the wine list
  • Enter - once you have at least on wine in your wine list, the Entrant Pages will include a link to the entry form
  • Pay to complete the entry process


  • If you have not already registered, you need to Register before you can Log in to enter
  • When your register you will be sent a confirmation email containing a link. That link will bring you back to this site
  • If you have already registered, please do not register again. You only need to Log in to get access to your wine list and entry form
  • For details of the entry process please see Help
  • If you are uncertain about some parts of the entry process, please see FAQs. Your issue may be covered
  • You can also contact us for assistance
  • Results for the current show will be available after the show is judged. There is a link to your individual results in the Entrant Pages see Results. Medal certificates can be downloaded from the results page.