Registration and log in issues

When I try to register, I get a message that the User name is already taken

This will happen if you are already registered, so go to the log in page. If you have forgotten your password, click the 'Forgot your password?' link.

I am registered but I cannot log in

This is most likely because you have not confirmed your email address. Click the 'Forgot your password?' link to generate an email with a link to continue the forgotten password process (and confirm your email address).

I have not received an email

Registration and the forgotten password process will send an email to your email address. Please check your spam folder as a first step. The email will come from taswineshow.org, so your email system needs to let messages from that domain through. If the email is not in your spam folder, your Internet Service Provider may be able to locate the message and also help change the spam filter settings. If all else fails, please contact us.


How do I manage my profile?

In the menu bar, just before the Log out link, you will see your email address. As well as indicating that you are logged into the site, it is the link to manage your profile.

What does my profile include?

Your profile needs to include your contact details, so that we can contact you during the entry process or the show. It also needs to include the Exhibitor name as you would like to see it in the catalogue.

What name should I use for Exhibitor?

The catalogue lists the top ten Exhibitors, and some trophies are awarded to an Exhibitor rather than an individual entry. The name you use will be used in the catalogue. For example, Dynnyrne Heights Estate or Wine Company.

Why is there provision for multiple Exhibitors?

A few entrants also enter on behalf of others. Most entrants will only have one Exhibitor.

Wine list

Why do I need to manage a wine list, rather than just enter?

To help you enter in the correct class, we use the wine list (including wine type) and vintage to only show you valid class choices during the entry process.

Why does wine name not include vintage?

Many of you enter multiple vintages of the same wine. Once you have entered the wine name, it will be correct for the catalogue for all vintages.

Do I need to change the wine list for each show?

No, unless you wish to enter a new wine, you can just go to the entry form. All the wines you have previously entered will be available.

How do I type in an é

On a Windows PC, hold down the Alt key, then type 0233 using the number pad, finally release the Alt key. On a Mac, hold down OPTION key and then press 'e', then type 'e'.

Entry process

I cannot find the entry form

The link to the Entry Form is in the Entrant Pages drop down menu on the navigation bar. However the link is only displayed if you are logged in, and have at least one wine in your profile.

I have wines to enter but cannot see the Entrant Pages menu

Go to the main page to refresh the session.

When I came back to enter, I got an error message

The session has timed out. Go back to your profile to refresh the session. You do not need to change anything in your profile.

Entering a new wine

When I select a different vintage, my selected wine is changed

Because you can only enter a wine in one class, every time the vintage is changed, the list of wines is refreshed so that it only contains wines that have not been entered for that vintage. If you have already entered the selected wine for the new vintage, it is removed from the list.

The class selection list shows "There are no classes for this vintage/wine combination"

This means that there is no legitimate class choice for the currently selected vintage and wine. A typical example is when the vintage selection is NV and the selected wine requires a vintage year. If you change the vintage/wine combination you will see a list of possible classes.

The wine selection list shows "You have already entered all your wines for this vintage"

Because you can only enter a wine once, if you have already entered all the wines in your wine list for this vintage, you will see this message. If you change the vintage, this will show you wines available to enter for the new vintage

Post entry

Can I enter another wine after I have paid?

That is not a problem, just go to the entry form again. In the form, you will see the 'Add new wine to entry' button. Once you enter the new wine and make the payment, another receipt will be produced. If the wine is not already in your list of wines, you would need to add it in your wine list first.

What can I do if the wine I entered is no longer available, or I want to enter a different wine?

If you go to the entry form, you will see all the wines you have entered. For each wine you have options to Edit/Substitute or DeleteWithdraw.

Do I need to print out a packing list for each receipt?

No, the packing list is to help the stewards during the show set up days so the receipt is not relevant. The packing list will consolidate all entries, so will be the same regardless of which receipt you pick from the receipts page. Please note that we do not send out labels. The stewards label the entries after they are unpacked.

Can I download a pdf receipt?

Unfortunately not, all printing needs to be done in the browser. You should be able to print to a file from the browser. Most browsers will have settings you can use to not print out the default header and footer. The courier should not care if these are on the address label. Similarly, the stewards will only be interested in the contents of the packing list.